Applecore Cord Organizer

Simple wire and cable management

A convenient tool to manage your pesky cords, cables, and wires. Help keep them neat and color coded.

Take control of messy wires

Untangle your cables on your desks and tables. Applecore helps wrap your cords and wires to reduce clutter and avoid tangled messes.

Easy wire management

Applecores are easy to use and gentle on your cables. It is the secure and practical solution to your cord management needs.

Select a color to match your wires


Fit multiple wire types of various lengths and dimensions

Happy Cables

Gone are the days of cluttered desks and messy cables.

2 Sizes

Practical sizes for your everyday electronics whether stationary or on the go.


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My cords are now manageable!
It's like a whole new world underneath my desk. I could find all kinds of uses for these such as lamps, kitchen appliances, radios, and TVs” - Nancy
I love my Applecore!
We use them for headphones, phone cords, computer mouse and keyboard cords, and appliances in the kitchen. My kitchen counter is so tidy and I don't have to constantly try to shove the cord behind an appliance” - Akedy

Practical Organization

Keep your wires accessible and organized wherever you need them. Gone are the days of cluttered desks and messy cables.

Pick your Applecores

Select below the applecore pack that best fits your needs!