Applecore 3 Pack

Take control over your chaotic cords with the starter pack that will fit your cord organizing needs. Perfect as gifts, for the home, for the office, or on the go. Comes with three Applecores in your choice of available colors. 


  • Small: 1" in diameter, 1.5" tall

  • Medium: 1.5" in diameter, 2" tall

  • Recyclable, soft rubber material

  • Electical cord management for everyday use

Wire Organizer for...

Home Office


Fit multiple wire types of various lengths and dimensions

Happy Cables

Gone are the days of cluttered desks and messy cables.

2 Sizes

Practical sizes for your everyday electronics whether stationary or on the go.

Cable management simplified

Keep your wires accessible and organized wherever you need them. Gone are the days of cluttered desks and messy cables.

What others are saying about Applecore...

Errant, unwound, unwrapped cords drive me up the wall. I've tried so many solutions and this is easily the best yet. - Michael OhAppleCore's make fantastic gifts for anyone who's getting gadgets that have cords... power cords, charging cords, headset cords...” - Jeff
I travel for work with a basket of computer equipment, cords, etc. This really helps me to stay organized and untangled!” - CherityVery easy to use -- and so much better than traditional cord keepers if you need to lengthen and shorten regularly.” - Bab

Applecore 3 Pack

Applecore Galore

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